Once Upon A Time: Reviews

This article is actually about how to create a Snow Queen’s costume for Halloween but it says also very nice things about Liz’s performance so this is the review part:

Elizabeth Mitchell has been stealing scenes this season on Once Upon a Time as the Snow Queen that doesn’t hang out with a talking snowman. Were you as delighted as I was when this Lost vet was cast on OUAT? This creepy villainess did not disappoint either. She has a mysterious past, a point of view about magic that we have not yet seen on the show, and an even more mysterious purpose. All while wearing outfits so impressive, you probably want to copy them in your own life. So skip Frozen fever and dress as the OUAT Snow Queen this Halloween. Her look is classic, and whatever you pull together can easily be used again for a winter holiday party. Oh yeah, I’m all about buying stuff for costumes that you can use again in your regular life.
You also have to remember to speak softly and remain serene no matter what happens to you (within reason). Tilt your head in mock confusion and wait a beat before you answer any questions. Mitchell is particularly scary that way. She’s calm and elf-like, the opposite of Elsa’s fear and Regina’s rage.

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Elizabeth Mitchell’s Snow Queen is appropriately chilly in her pursuit of goals virtually identical to Regina’s season 1 goals. They’re both manically seeking the family and affection they feel life has stolen from them, but Regina sought it was a whole lot of fire and messy passion and the Snow Queen seeks it with menacing reserve. Her final scene with Sidney is beautifully confident. It’s the whole show gelling into something compelling that’s, for once, independent of the exceptional actors and costuming.

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Oh I just said this on twitter, but send questions to Natalie Abrams about the Snow Queen!