Fan Report About Meeting Liz

Chelsea with Liz

Remember Chelsea who let me know about the nice words the security guy said about Liz? Well she took the time to write about her meeting with Elizabeth. You all need to read it because it’s amazing and Elizabeth is the sweetest person ever!


So basically I have been a huge Liz fan since I was 7 and still can’t quite get over the fact I was lucky enough to have this opportunity. And everyone needs to know how precious she is. This is my (as brief as it can get yet still not brief) detailing of the encounter. 🙂

We saw Elizabeth filming her scene in the morning/early afternoon. Every time she passed by between takes she waved with such excitement, even when she was holding her long dress she did a little bent over wave with her hand full of the fabric.

When she wrapped her first scene we motioned for her to come over to sign and she paused and then did a gesture of frustration, apologizing and saying something none of us heard. One of the security guards came over and told us that she’d try her best to come out once she’d wrapped her last scene.

Eventually it was night and Liz was the only one left filming so we waited…and waited….and waited….
It was getting late and we didn’t know what time she’d come out, if she’d come out at all if it got too late. But we waited. Some left but about 7 of us stayed strong.

They were filming a scene with horses that were apparently being temperamental and took much longer than anticipated.

But, finally she pulled back in on the golf cart (it was like 12 something AM) and when she was walking to her dressing room and saw us still waiting there she had the biggest smile and waved like crazy. She called out to us saying “You’re still here!!! I’ll be out soon I just need to change first!!”

She came out and I was first in line ready with the letter I had for her. She came over and stopped in front of me. I thought she’d seen the letter in my hand, especially since I’d motioned to it before. So when she held out her hands I held it out to give it to her (cause I’m an idiot like that) but she goes “Hello I’m Elizabeth, it’s so nice to meet you. What’s your name sweetheart” and took my hands. I told her my name is Chelsea and she told me it was a lovely name. I handed her my letter and told her it was for her. She took it and stared at it with like some crazy bewilderment and looked at me “For me? Oh my gosh thank you so much that’s so sweet” and she hugged me. I obviously asked for a picture to document this moment, which she happily obliged. She said how she couldn’t take pictures in her costume so we get pictures with her cute hat, and thanked us again for waiting so long. We took the picture and she made sure it was a good one before moving on and then I just thanked her and stepped aside for other people to get pictures.

She took pictures with everyone and at one point commented on how we all smell so amazing and how it was possible since we’ve been outside all day and it rained. She also made sure to ask everyone’s name when she was signing and ensure that she would spell it right. She didn’t know what to write with her signature, even ended up drawing a flower on katmtan’s autographed and apologized saying she had to get to know us better.

She signed someone’s V DVD cover and said how badass she looked on it. I told her Erica was pretty badass. She agreed before adding that the character on OUAT would give her a run for her money.

When it was my turn again I asked her if she would sign my book and she asked me my name again so I told her. And she shook her head and laughed “Chelsea, yes I knew that, I’m sorry.” and she began to sign it and paused making sure it was spelt correctly, then said it was ‘lovely’ again. (Which I’ve noticed is probably one of her favourite words. :))

She made sure to take her time with everyone, and was so genuinely sweet and especially at such a late hour after a long day.

When she was done she thanked us all so much for waiting and told us how much it meant to her. She put her hand on my arm and looked at me with a smile and said thank you again and that we were very sweet and she’s so glad she got to meet us. We thanked her many times over and she told us to go get warm and get some sleep. She walked off with another wave and big smile.

~rip me.~

Thank you so much Chelsea for sharing your amazing experience with everyone and thank you for being so nice to me!