Another Fan Report About Meeting Liz

Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time set
Katmtan with Liz
Hi guys! Katmtan emailed me the report of her meetings with Liz and a new photo with her! Elizabeth is always super nice, you all need to read this:

So I just wanted to take the opportunity to write my personal encounter with the amazing Elizabeth Mitchell. When I heard that she was playing Snow Queen, I got super excited. My friend @chelseaquintal is a HUGE Elizabeth Mitchell fan and we both hoped and planned how we can meet Liz.

One day, Liz was filming her scenes for “The Snow Queen Episode” (4×07). I got lucky coz I found where set was and saw that Liz was filming. Unfortunately @ChelseaQuintal couldn’t come coz she had to work. So Liz was filming in her full Snow Queen costume and everytime she saw us she would wave and jump up and down. She was definitely full of energy. Anyways long story short, we waited for her until the end because we knew she couldn’t come out in her costume. We decided we were going to wait where the trailers are (of course not too close that we’re invading their space), Liz finally came out after changing from her costume. There were only four of us there and she was in a bit of a rush. We asked if we could take a photo but she had said she can’t because she still has some of the Snow Queen make up on… One of the fans said she’s leaving next day and just wanted a photo with her and Liz was so sweet and said okay! let’s just take selfies and made ur promise not to post the photo until her character is shown on the show. We all kept our promise and never posted that photo. I wasn’t able to get her to sign my book coz she had to go and I didn’t want to bother her more…I told myself I’ll get another chance…

Luckily, another time came when me and @chelseaquintal went to a set and heard that Liz was filming. I’m not gonna repeat Chels’ story as she already did a post about it, but I really just wanted to say how Liz was just the SWEETEST ever. She had told the security to let us know she will come out when she’s done and out of the costume. We did wait but filming got delayed but at the end of the day, Liz kept her promise to the 7 people who waited til the end. When they were finally done and we saw Liz walking to her trailer, she waved at us and said she will be right out and that she just needed to change.

She’s literally the most amazing human being ever. I had told everyone on set okay, to make this fast and easy let’s all line up and I basically made Chelsea go first since she’s the SUPER fan and then the rest I told them to just line up and just go with the flow. So I said okay we’re gonna do photos first and then when your done photo and you want an autograph, just go back in line after the next person. Liz was very much impressed with how organized we were! I’m so happy we got to get this opportunity to meet her. She made sure to take photos with everyone and sign what everyone had. She even started changing up her messages to people. One of my friend got written a “hello” on hers coz Liz was like I dunno what to write, and then she was like a flower for you on my book. This is definitely one of the BEST celebrity encounter I’ve ever experienced and at the end, I’m a total fan and will forever support Elizabeth Mitchell with her future projects.

The fact that Liz writes “Hello” when she doesn’t know what to write makes me smile. She’s so sweet! She even thinks “oh now what do I have to write? Ok I write HI there, I draw a flower here…”. She’s the cutest thing ever! And as Chelsea said in her report she even apologized saying she had to get to know them better. How adorable is she?!

Thanks so much Katmtan for sharing your experience with all of us! <3