2015 Fan Calendar

liz_calendarHi Liz lovelies,
we want to create a calendar for the New Year and we want to do this with your help!

If you’re interested this is what we are looking for

  • people who can make fanarts [1000×1000 pixel, no nude (pg13)] with Liz’s photos and photos from her projects. We need 12 fanarts.
  • people who pick 12 quotes by Liz (one each month)
  • people who pick 12 quotes from Liz’s projects (said by Liz’s characters)
  • people who pick 12 photos of Liz.

You can contact us via email, on the social networks or simply post a comment here.

You have till Sunday to let us know if you want to participate and what you wanna do.

This is a sample of what we have in mind (colors will change):

sampleWhat do you think?