MIPTV Part 7: Interview about Crossing Lines and OUAT

This is an interview Liz did at the table with various reporters at MIPTV. The interview was transcripted in French and we translated it in English. There’s no original version so the words are not the exact same words Liz said during the interview but you’ll get an idea.

Can you talk about your character?

Elizabeth Mitchell: “Carine (Strand) is an investigator for the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the first two episodes and at the end of the second episode she will be the leader of the group.”

The shows become more and more international, what about your work?

EM: “There is an appetite for more international shows. There is more room to make your voice heard. There is a desire to be global and tv reflects that. This is really exciting! I work with people from all around the world and I have never really experienced that before. On our set there are about 5 – 7 languages simultaneously. For me it’s fascinating! The places where we film and the people we work with are fascinating.”

Are there differences between filming a show in USA and Europe?

EM: “It becomes more and more the same. However, it is slightly different filming in Europe: they put more emphasis on the characters. There’s a bond between two worlds so that is nice for me. It is intriguing!
I think I would have never made “procedural” show because I would never have been so intrigued. My character is complicated and grim. Frank Spotnitz really took care of that aspect”

Is season 3 a reboot?

EM: “There is a physical aspect. We changed the set and the people, except for Dorn and Sebastian who are both in another place. You keep the idea of Crossing Lines but the rest is new. There isn’t a continuity with the previous stories.
So this gives a feel of innovation. It is always the same promise with new characters and it’s also a new angle. We spend more time in the courtroom, the story is more solid. Most of the time every episode has its own plot but sometimes the story continues in the following episode.
The characters are different and there is a new team. That makes the show look new.
It’s kind of a season where the problems are repaired. It has a similar promise but the design, the look, the director of photography, how to perform are different. Watching the promo you can realize there is something powerful in our director of photography and the way of filming. You notice that if you watched the first two seasons.”

Will be there a new French character in the series?

EM: “Oh my God, I hope!”

Did you enjoy playing the Snow Queen on Once Upon A Time?

EM: “Oh My Snow Queen! I had a great time playing this role. She is a broken person. I love her terribly. It’s great to be a fairy tale character, you can do everything. “

Her end is not really easy?

EM: “She appears to be a benevolent person and I like that. Although I enjoyed being an antagonistic, it’s really enjoyable to be wicked. I did not know it would have ended like that. The writers came to me and told me she was redeemed in the end. I said ‘Oh really!’. Nobody sincerely believe she was bad. This is the key.”