Once Upon A Time Bluray/DVD Extras

Reposting the news of the previous days.


Thanks so much to Syd for all this!

Among the special features in the DVD of “Once Upon A Time” Season 4 there’s one where Liz gives a brief tour of Any Given Sundae and ate the banana ice cream. These are 2 small clips of it and an interview with Elizabeth about the Snow Queen:

UPDATE (August 21): Once Upon A Time | Bluray/DVD Better Versions Extras

She’s the cutest thing ever!!!! 😀

Syd also posted the full list of deleted scenes on her tumblr but the only one with Liz is the video we saw a while ago online. You know the one in the ice scream shop with Regina. And it’s Bluray exclusive only.
You can buy the box set on Amazon.com (it’s still a pre-order, but sometimes they ship it before the release date). Not sure if it plays with the region B bluray players, but we made a research and the previous seasons worked, so hopefully also this one, because there’s still no release date for region B. 🙁


We reuploaded the 3 scenes with Liz from the bloopers because the previous link has been removed.

Elizabeth Mitchell | Once Upon A Time Bloopers

Thanks so much to Syd and for the headup!