We are back!!!


As we said in the past days on the temporary blog, our host closed its hosting service and we had to move the site to a new home. But we are back before we thought!!!

We are sad for the end of this chapter because we spent 7 wonderful years on there and met amazing people on the support forums.

That said, there are also very good news!! First of all we have a new domain and this is exciting because it actually belongs to us!

So bookmark this link: elizabeth-mitchell.NET since the fansite will be here from now on! 🙂 We set it, so if you visit the previous link you will be redirected here.

Another exciting thing is that we have unlimited web space and bandwidth and no annoying toolbar, which is a way better on mobiles!!! Yay!!!

Last but not least: thanks so much to people at Flaunt for all the help in moving the site, and thanks so much to Gertie for the past 7 years. You, Luciana and Annie <3