C21Media Best Female Performance 2015: Elizabeth for Crossing Lines

On C21Media‘s site they have Liz nominated as “Best Female Performance 2015” and Crossing Lines’ as “Best English Language Drama” and “Best Casting 2015”. Not sure when they’re gonna announce the winners, but this is very nice! 🙂

Best Female Performance 2015

This award will be given for a definitive performance in a dramatic series by a woman, and one that is recognised internationally by drama buyers from channels worldwide. The actress will be recognised as making the most significant performance and created a buzz in the global business that resonates worldwide.

Best English language drama (series) C21 Drama Awards 2015

This category awards the drama series, produced in the English language, which displays the ‘genre defining’ project in its class. It must demonstrate most compelling story, casting, character, screenplay, direction, cinematography, music, production. A drama series is defined as a production with six to 26 episodes. The judges will pay particular attention to series that have enjoyed unrivalled critical and ratings success in their home territory and at television markets and festivals around the world.

Best Casting 2015

This category awards the best overall casting in a drama series. The judges will look for the most rounded, inspirational casting that brings variety and depth to the production. Particular attention will be paid to both lead actors and supporting cast and to how the drama series uses casting to enhance the story and bring additional depth that would otherwise be missing. Additional weight will be give to casting that enables a drama series to work across territories and create buzz across different international markets.

Note: Donald Sutherland, Goran Visnjic, Tom Wlaschiha and Lara Rossi also got the nominations.