Not about Liz, but related: “Frequency” TV Show

It’s not about Elizabeth but CW orders a pilot based on the movie “Frequency”. This is the plot:


The Premise: Dennis Quaid (The Art of More), Jim Caviezel (Person of Interest), Andre Braugher (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) starred in the original 2000 movie. The updated TV series is set in 2016 with a female lead who’s a police detective. Similar to the movie, she “discovers she is able to speak via a ham radio with her estranged father (also a detective) who died in 1996. They forge a new relationship while working together on an unresolved murder case, but unintended consequences of the ‘butterfly effect’ wreak havoc in the present day.”

The Team: Writer/executive producer Jeremy Carver (Supernatural, Being Human), along with a group that has TV and movie experience—Toby Emmerich (who wrote and produced the original film and now serves as the President of New Line Cinema, the studio that released the film), John Rickard (Horrible Bosses, the 2010 reboot of A Nightmare On Elm Street), Dan Lin (Forever, The LEGO™ Movie, Sherlock Holmes) and Jennifer Gwartz (Forever, Veronica Mars).

I think it’s cool, maybe more people will watch the movie once they watched the show. 😛

Source: tvinsider