Freeform Upfront: a few more pics

Liz will be back on our tv in exactly 2 months. Aren’t you excited?! “Dead of Summer” premieres June 28 at 9/8c on Freeform. 🙂 We can’t wait to see a promo! In the meantime we found a few more pics from the Upfront. Elizabeth’s hair is perfect and this dress is really so beautiful.


MQs which were already up in the gallery, but these are untagged:

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Freeform_Upfronts_089.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Freeform_Upfronts_090.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Freeform_Upfronts_091.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Freeform_Upfronts_105.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Freeform_Upfronts_107.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Freeform_Upfronts_108.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Freeform_Upfronts_132.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Freeform_Upfronts_145.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Freeform_Upfronts_050.jpg