Movies and TV Shows With Elizabeth On DVDs & Bluray Discs

Since I’ve been asked about which movies/shows with Elizabeth are available on DVD and Bluray, I created this post with my collection and all the info on what you can buy.
All the movies/shows are on sale in USA and UK but Crossing Lines (only Germany) and Man And Boy (only UK). You can buy them all on or or ebay. That’s where I got most of them.
If a movie or a show is available also on Bluray is in my collection, otherwise it means they didn’t made one and there are only DVDs. All the Bluray discs from USA are region free so you can buy them from anywhere.
DVDs are from a specific region (USA = region 1, Europe = region 2, Australian = region 4).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


  1. 3: THE DALE EARNHARDT STORY (US DVD & Bluray)[NOT available in UK]
  2. ANSWERS TO NOTHING (US DVD) [ NOT available in UK]
  3. DOUBLE BANG (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  4. FREQUENCY (US DVD & Bluray + Italian DVD) [available in UK as wel]
  5. GIA (US, UK, Italian DVD, US Bluray)
  6. HOLLYWOOD PALMS (US & Australian DVD – Australian DVD has Elizabeth on the front cover) [NOT available in UK]
  7. KRISTIN’S CHRISTMAS PAST (US DVD – title Hollywood Triple Feature | UK DVD – title LAST CHANCE HOLIDAY, it has Elizabeth on the back cover)
  8. MAN AND BOY (UK DVD) [NOT available in USA]
  9. MOLLY (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  10. NURSE BETTY (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  12. RUNNING SCARED (UK DVD) + DUTCH Steal Book/Bluray) [available in USA as well on DVD&Bluray)]
  13. SANTA CLAUSE 2 (UK DVD & BLURAY) [available in USA as well]
  14. SANTA CLAUSE 3 (UK DVD & BLURAY) [available in USA as well]
  15. THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR (US DVD & BLURAY) [available in UK on December 2016]


  • The Linda McCartney Story is not an original dvd (it doesn’t exist) it has been recorded from TV.


  1. BOSTON LEGAL Season 1 (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  2. CSI Season 3 (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  3. CROSSING LINES Season 3 (German Bluray)- DVD available in Germany and France)
  4. EVERWOOD Season 3 (US DVD – not available in UK, but there’s a Region 2 version in Germany)
  5. ER Season 7 (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  6. HOUSE Season 1 (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  7. JAG Season 3 (Italian DVD) [available in USA& UK as well]
  8. LAW & ORDER Season 4 (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  9. LAW & ORDER Season 12 (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  10. LOST Season 3, 4, 5 & 6 (US DVD collector edition, US normal DVD, UK DVD, UK Bluray, Season 5 Dharma Edition)
  11. ONCE UPON A TIME Season 4 (US Bluray) [DVD available in USA & UK as well]
  12. SIGNIFICANT OTHERS Season 1 (US DVD – [NOT available in UK)
  13. SPIN CITY Season 6 (US DVD) [NOT available in UK)
  14. REVOLUTION (US & UK DVD & Bluray)
  15. V Season 1 – 2 (UK DVD & Bluray + US Steal book/Bluray of Season 1) [available in USA as well]


  • The Lyon’s Den DVD contains only the pilot and it’s for Press only, not on sale.
  • ABC box set contains episodes of OUAT with Elizabeth, for Press only.