Our Dinner With Liz

UPDATE | Read more at this link.

UPDATE (July 24) | Elizabeth is so much more than what you think. She made us feel at home and took care of us. We still can’t believe how grateful she was, she always tells us beautiful things for what we do with the site, but hearing that in person is just so mind-blowing. And she was so moved by the book and the other stuff we gave her (details soon)… by the way her boyfriend said that she’s gonna read the book and your messages will make her smile. That was what we wanted! Haha he knows her so well!

It’s impossible to express how much grateful we are for what she did for us and how grateful we are for her in general!

We are going to Coronado today as Liz suggested because it’s beautiful. We’ll leave tomorrow and we’ll tell you more as soon as we get back home.

We miss her so much already! <3


We just had the most amazing three hours of our life thanks to this flawless human being.

This picture is from a video of Liz talking to you, lovelies! We’ll post it as soon as we get back home.

We gave her the book with your messages and she loved it so much, she’ll keep it in a very special place in her house! 🙂

We’ll tell you more about this incredible experience asap! In the meantime you really need to know that this woman is just more than you can expect, her sweetness and her kindness are beyond words.

She is such a down to earth person that she’s even introduced her family to us. <3 CJ is the smartest and the cutest little guy and her boyfriend is really really nice, he made such a good impression on us. 🙂

That’s all for now!

Oh Elizabeth gives the best and tightest hugs ever!

We will never forget! <3


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  • 24 Luglio 2016 in 08:00

    Thank you so so much for sharing with us. What a dream come true. I live vicariously through you and EMFC has turned some potentially very bad days around for me on more occasions than I can mention. Elizabeth is amazing and so are you. Your dedication is unmatchable! ? much love to all the “Lovlies”

    • 6 Agosto 2016 in 18:12

      sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much, it makes us happy if we can help other lovelies! <3

  • 25 Luglio 2016 in 03:21

    Wow! A dinner and 3 hours with Elizabeth! And based on what you said, it was Liz herself who wanted to meet you. I’m just like, “Wow!”

    It always makes me very happy to hear from people how kind she is, but this is beyond awesome. <3

    I'm genuinely completely happy for you. If there is anyone who deserved such a special meeting with Liz, it is both of you. We were very well represented. 😉

    I've said this before, but I'll say it again. I've been a fan of Liz since the third season of LOST a long time ago and I've been following the site since it was a blog back in 2008. So I've seen the site grow and blossom into the best and coolest fan site of anything. It's no surprise that Liz loves the site, considering all the passion and dedication you put into it and how you make this a positive and special place for Liz and everyone who loves her. Not only Liz is grateful for that. All her fans are also grateful for everything you do. I know I am. 😉 Sometimes I've helped you a little bit, by sending some stuff to post on the site because I love this place.

    And thank you so very much for giving her the book with the messages! I was wondering if you're going to do it. I wrote a silly message for this book, but it was written from the bottom of my heart. Just knowing that Liz may actually read the message, it makes me melt with joy and happiness.

    It's actually very nice of you to make us feel part of such a special moment. <3

    Looking forward to watching the video of Liz.

    • 6 Agosto 2016 in 18:24

      Sorry for the late reply! OMG YOU REMEMBER OUR BLOG? AAAAAAHHHHH! That’s crazy! So cool! It was a little baby back there.

      We promised we would have given her the book. We’ve never forgot about it. We know it was important for all of you. And Elizabeth was so happy about it! And your message wasn’t silly at all, but one of the best!

      Yes she wanted to meet us (she actually told us she wanted to meet us for so long), obviously we wanted to meet her too. She wanted to come to our country and take us for dinner in the past year, but filming didn’t let her. We finally got the chance to meet up with her and it was incredible!

      BTW thank you so much for everything you said about the site, about us meeting Liz and the support! <3


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