Video Message From Elizabeth For Her Fans

Sorry for making you wait so long for the video, but we wanted to write about it and it took us some time because there were also a lot of news about Liz to post and we needed to get some sleep. 😛

When we met Elizabeth we brought her some gifts. Stefania gave her the bag with some of them. She opened it and noticed something for CJ and she was happy about it but put it away because he was out with her boyfriend when we arrived. She probably wanted to meet us alone first. How sweet!

Then she took the book with your messages.

It was a project we made for the WSC, we never forgot about this, guys! We know how much important was for you to give her your messages!

We reprinted the book last year with messages/photos/fanarts by her fans only.

We know some of you weren’t here when we created it, we’re so sorry we didn’t have the time to make it again because we only had a few days to organize our trip so it was impossible.

Anyway Elizabeth was very happy about the book, she opened it, she read the introduction we wrote (we’ll post a photo of it below so you can all read it), she even leafed through some pages and saw some of your messages and photos. She was so full of joy for it and she had a big smile on her face the whole time.

We wanted to do something funny so we signed the book with our names. When she saw that, she got so excited and exclaimed “I have your signatures!!!”. Words can’t express how adorable she was!

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We recorded this video at the end of the dinner. She thanks you all for the book. Watch the video below, she’s so amazing!


Liz hugged all her gifts and showed them to her boyfriend and about the book he said that she will have something to read that will make her smile. Yes!!!

We’ll tell you about the other gifts in another post, because this one was for you! 🙂

4 pensieri riguardo “Video Message From Elizabeth For Her Fans

  • 27 Luglio 2016 in 16:43

    Just read that, I didn’t know your great website back then, that’s why I didn’t know about the book. No worries. I hope I’ll be part of the next one, if it means it gives you the opportunity to meet her again. 😉 😉 😉 *That was a wink* ;D I’m very happy for you, and glad you choosed to share that very special moment with us. Hoping that my english is understandable. Have a great night/day – Pinoche

    • 9 Agosto 2016 in 06:50

      It will happen again, since Liz said she wants to meet us again. 🙂 So we can make another one. Thank you for what you said, not everyone has acted like you, so thank you!

  • 28 Luglio 2016 in 01:40

    Sweet and gentle Liz! <3

    Loved the video very much and the book introduction too. I'm one of those who would love to meet Liz one day and tell how important she is to me, but I live too far away. So I'm very happy that you got the chance to actually give the book with our messages to her.

    Once again, thank you for doing this.

    • 9 Agosto 2016 in 07:01

      Very happy you liked the introduction, we really thought about all the other people who can’t meet her. It’s been hard for us to meet her, and it kept not happening for long time, so we totally understand!

      And you’re welcome, we are always super happy to do things for the nice people out there! 😉 And this made Liz happy so :DDDDD


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