Our Gifts For Elizabeth

When we meet Elizabeth we gave her some personal gifts we promised to talk to you about. 🙂

We gave her a custom funko pop of the Snow Queen (see the pics below) and she totally adored her so much.

[envira-gallery id=”44583″]

We thought about Ingrid because of what she said about how she got the role and that doll is so cute.

It was very nice because she kept her on the table till the dinner started, then she had her put on the furniture in front of her in order to take a look at her from time to time during the dinner.

There was also something from our Country for CJ and the kid was so happy about it. 😀 We didn’t know but we actually gave him something of his favourite things. <3

He also said that the gift was awesome already because the gift bag was so cool. He’s really so amazing just like his mom!

The last gift was very personal and important to us. It was a plate with a dedication. We tried to express in a few words what she means to us (see the photo below).

We are so happy Elizabeth loved it so much, she even asked her boyfriend to take a pic of her with us and the plate with her phone. 😛 She said she will keep it in a place where she can see it all the time. So incredibly sweet! She also asked us if she can show her boyfriend our gifts (book included). How lovely! She hugged the plate for a while. <3

Elizabeth is such an extraordinary woman!!!