Two Weeks Ago We Met Her

It’s been two weeks since our dinner with Elizabeth and since then we have never stopped thinking about it.

We know some of you asked us some questions and photos.

Beside the video of her thanking the fans who wrote her messages in our fanbook project, we didn’t take so many photos actually. It wasn’t like a fan encounter or an event where you take pics. It was a private meeting and we’ve actually never thought about taking pics till the last minute.

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(These are two pics where she’s looking at us, took just before the video)

Elizabeth made us feel so part of her life that beside being a little bit nervous (because omg she is our queen) we felt like we were having a normal conversation with someone we knew. She actually created this family atmosphere and it was so deeply beautiful.

She was so excited and happy to meet us as much as we were to meet her, which is seriously incredible and mind-blowing and that proves how precious this woman is. She told us she wanted to meet us from so long.

It’s not like she has never told us how grateful she is for the site (she always tells us the most beautiful things), but feeling and seeing how genuinely she cares about us also as persons was really on an all other level.

We know we put so much love and work into EMfc and that’s only because our love and respect for Liz is seriously infinite, but her words have always felt too much for us anyway. We think we couldn’t fully and completely understand them till now.

It isn’t only what she told us (which is so moving and touching and filled our hearts) but the big and small gestures she had for us, beside the whole dinner. She did everything to make this experience perfect and she actually succeeded and made everything more than flawless (just like her).

Among other things she said that the site represents her and her thoughts, that what we write here is also the way she is and thinks. We have never thought about something like that, not even for a moment. It was hard to believe that she could actually feels what we feel, but she really does.

We can’t really express our joy in words for what she decided to give us and we are not talking about the 3 magical hours, we are talking about the trust she has in us.

We’ve been here for so many years and we’ve been her admirers for even more years, but we have never imagined she could actually feel this way about us.

We are so honoured she chose us, we have always been, now we are even more.

And she was also so funny when she explained what she does when she comes on the site or when she always give EMfc link to the people she knows and they get impressed by the site and tell her “how’s that possible that someone do something like that? Nobody has this.” And she always replies “I do, I have this.” She’s so adorable!

She also described to us when she told her boyfriend we told her we were going. She’s so incredibly sweet! She said so many things and did so many things, but seriously this woman is exactly how people always describe her, no… she’s more than that.

Beside this and the conversations about the gifts, we talked about personal things, so this is all, lovelies!

We also wanna thank the people who have been nice to us and were happy about what happened and told us we deserve this. Thank you so much for your sweet words! And to everyone who thanked us for giving the book with your messages to Liz, you’re so very welcome!

We’re sorry we couldn’t collect messages again but we didn’t have the time, because this was really organized in a few days. But you need to know that Elizabeth is grateful for all the lovely people who support her!

Oh for those who missed the video and all our previous posts, check this tag on the site. We’ll create a page to collect everything we posted about this asap.

We miss her so deeply and even if we thought it was impossible, we love her so much more.

We’ll be forever blessed and honoured for her existence!