2010 Télé 7 Jours Interview

We got this French magazine’s interview with Elizabeth from 2010 and @pinoche29 was so kind to translate it in English for all of us. It’s mostly about Juliet and CJ. Enjoy! 🙂

Elizabeth Mitchell “I believe in karma”

Elizabeth knows a lot about TV series : ER, SUV, House MD, Spin City and recently Lost, where, for 2 seasons, she’s been part of Hollywood most watched “missing persons”. Télé 7 Jours just found her during the Monte-Carlo Festival, last June…

Elizabeth gained 72 pounds during her pregnancy. She finally lost them on set of the show: “I breastfed my son, I ran on the beach and stopped eating bread.”

She was persuaded that Lost fans were going to hate her.
“Juliet did some pretty immoral things because she’s willing to do anything to survive and see her sister again,” Elizabeth explains.
But the fierce intelligence of the doctor and her unexpected feelings for Jack redeemed her “at least to me!” the actress confesses.
“Juliet stands somewhere between a maternal figure and a venomous snake.”
Like Kate Walsh, Elizabeth succeeded, with her personality and her charisma, to turn an unlikeable character into one of the fans’ favourites and the fact that she wasn’t nominated for an Emmy Award just made an outcry on the internet.

“I’ll stay in Hawaii until my death… I mean Juliet’s, of course,” Elizabeth says. She moved in Oahu, where the series is shot. The rest of the year, she lives near Seattle, under the light rain of American North West cost.
“During the writers strike, I spent my time hiking in the woods and reading stories to CJ, near the fireplace. Maternity is the most demanding job I ever done but the most rewarding as well”.
Unlike most Hollywood actresses, we don’t recognize Elizabeth when she wears fancy dresses, “With make-up on and a nice dress nobody recognizes me in the street, but if I’m shopping at the grocery, wearing jeans, a t-shirt and my hair up, people spot me right away! “Oh you’re Juliet!” it’s because I look more like her that way.”

End of the series: 2010

Her parents, lawyers, encouraged the vocation of the oldest of their three daughters while she was going through tough teen years with “a lot of acne and untamed curly hair”. After getting a degree in dramatic arts, and working 6 years on stage in a Dallas theater company, Elizabeth got a part in a soap opera, Loving. But Juliet remains her favourite character till now.
“I believe in fate and karma. In Lost, those who have a negative energy just receive as much in return. So I think Juliet has still some work to do… she’s not quite out of the island yet”.
Elizabeth is satisfied of the planned ending of the show in 2010. “Our audience is stable enough, around 13 millions. With this complex plot, I can’t see how viewers could join us on the way. But I know that our fans won’t let us down and those who’ll be there till the end won’t regret it.”

Parts 100% girly

After her character in love with Angelina Jolie in Gia, Elizabeth played two other lesbians: in ER and in Nurse Betty, with Renée Zellweger. Elizabeth is not afraid to be tagged as a lesbian in her career: “At the time, those parts were the most interesting that had been offered to me. And since I never tried “girls”, it was a good way not to die stupid!”