Our Thoughts About The Expanse 3×03 And New Still

[SPOILERS in case you haven’t watched the episode yet]
There were only two scenes with Elizabeth in The Expanse 3×03 but Anna keeps surprising us with her pure heart and compassion. Liz makes that so believable that it really hurts.

We loved the part when she says “Us and them. How many of us? How many of them?” and clearly there is no us and them for her, but just lives. She only cares about people.

And the last scene with Errinwright that is trying to blame Anna for what happened is terrifying.

One of Elizabeth’s best skills is the ability to be react to someone else’s performance in a way most of the actors can’t even do when they are saying their own lines. She doesn’t even need to speak, her eyes, face, her whole body say what her character is feeling in that moment.

This last scene is a proof of that… and as E!Online once wrote:”Mitchell conveys more emotion with her eyes than most actresses get across in their whole careers.”

So true! <3

Oh this is the new photo posted by The Expanse writers account on twitter:

She’s gorgeous, heartbreaking but gorgeous! We cannot wait for the next episode!

NOTE: There’s no scene with Liz in the promo for the next episode.