The Expanse 3×06 | Another Review

We found this comment by someone who’s willing to see more of what Liz can do!

I’m ready for Anna and Elizabeth Mitchell to have something else to do than try and be Jiminy Cricket to Earth’s government.  I may have said it before, but it was a lot less frustrating with Avasarala in her position, because at least that woman had some authority.


And look where Avasarala ended up. LOL!

All the scenes we had in the past episodes were the key to introduce Anna and to understand who she is, but yeah, he’s right, we need to see her doing something else, because what she has done can’t change the people in charge.

Sometimes you need to change your approch in order to achieve your goal. It’s time for Anna to try another way, not going directly to who can change humanity’s destiny, but crumbling ground from a distance. She might succeed to make him fall into the hole he belongs.

But more than anything, we can’t wait to see what Elizabeth can do with the character in another situation/environment. It’s always so excited because we know how unexpected she can be every time! Powerful!