The Expanse 3×07 – New Stills And Official Recap

UPDATE: No scene with Liz in the promo. 🙁 It was only with Holden and Miller.

They added these 2 stills on The Expanse site. Gorgeous <3

This is the official recap:

Aboard the UNN Thomas Prince, Anna Volodovov, debates with a shipmate about the nature of the protomolecule ring. She notes that when it first rose off of Venus, it resembled a squid and at times has behaved like a virus. She wonders if it’s a living organism. Her shipmate seems certain that it’s instead a piece of technology, created by a vastly intelligent people. He says to pray that intelligence is inert.

Anna receives a video message from her wife, who says that Avasarala’s promise to help fund their medical clinic have been kept. But she’s also very afraid for Anna, being that far out in space and that close to the Ring. She begs Anna to please come home soon.