The Expanse 3×08 | Stills And Official Recap

They only realeased one still of Liz (the other one is blurry) but she is nothing less than gorgeous! 🙂

TV Series > The Expanse > Stills > 3×08 “It Reaches Out”

The official recap is under the break:

Aboard the UNN research ship, the gathered elites try in vain to make sense of the footage of Maneo getting eviscerated as he entered the ring. Particularly curious was that his ship remained intact, according to the footage. Anna tries her best to calm down any notions that the Belters sent one of their own into the ring as a probe, and generally tries to calm everyone down about everything.

Back on the Thomas Prince, Anna chit-chats with her fellow pioneers while another religious leader bloviates to the room. Anna’s attention drifts to the woman eating alone and looking pensive: Melba. Anna asks if she’s doing okay, but Melba brushes her off.