The Expanse 3×09 Review

This week all the reviews we read are mostly recap. This is the only one with an actual comment about the character at least.

Anna! Anna hasn’t come all the way to the ring only to wimp out and go home. she lurks around the Thomas Prince trying to come up with a way to stay, and then latches onto The Expanse’s version of Margaery Tyrell, Miss Fagin. Miss Fagin, who describes herself as an aging socialite, has blackmailed the captain into letting her stay. (Hey, she has to find some way to stay relevant and fascinating at dinner parties.) Anna makes a play to stay with her, and Fagin initially responds by asking her if she’s married. Anna allows herself to be teased, and then goes FULL EARNEST again, saying that it’s the only miracle that’s happened in her lifetime, and she thinks turning her back on it would be wrong. Fagin translates her spirituality into the idea that Anna is being selfish (which is fine) because she wants to be part of something amazing.

Either way, the important thing is, Anna’s staying!

She also finagles a spot for the blowhard priest, obviously thinking he’ll be thrilled. But he collapses, citing the need to go home to his son—which must be especially piercing to Anna—and finally saying, “The only thing I see within that Ring is more darkness and blood at the foot of a false idol. I was wrong before—God is not with us out here.”

Which. OK. First of all, I love that the show is casual about his family! If he’s Catholic (and generally black smock + white collar = Catholic on American TV) they’ve handily shown us that priests can marry and have kids in the future. So, cool. BUT. His statement also gives us a hint of theology? Even a crappy priest is supposed to believe God is literally everywhere (except Hell, maybe, and even that’s debatable) so is his line implying that God isn’t present at The Ring? Or that The Ring isn’t part of Creation? Or that The Ring is so unholy that God won’t help anyone who makes contact with it, no matter their intentions? Or that whatever’s in The Ring is more powerful than God? All of the interpretation, all of these implications are fascinating. This is a great line in the sand for the show to draw.

Of course then comes the reckoning, as Anna sends a message to her wife, assuring her that she’ll be coming back from The Ring.