The Expanse 3×09 | HD Screencaptures

Sorry, we are so late with the screencaptures, but today is one of those days when we meet up. 

Liz, your ears must have been burning more than usual. 😛 <3

Anyway we added the screencapture of The Expanse 3×09 into the gallery.

TV Series > The Expanse > Screencaptures > 3×09 “Intransigence”

The_Expanse_3x09_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc000528.jpg The_Expanse_3x09_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc001236.jpg The_Expanse_3x09_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc001278.jpg The_Expanse_3x09_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc001543.jpg


It was so hard to pick up 4 caps for the preview on the site. She is so brilliant in 3×09, so intense in every scene for different reasons! HAHA! We can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! 🙂

PS: In this cap Elizabeth looks totally like CJ. Well actually it’s the contrary, but you know what we mean. 😀