The Expanse 3×10 | Stills & Official Recap

Syfy posted these stills from last night’s episode on their website. Don’t you wanna just hug Anna in the scene of the second’s photo? ç_ç

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x10_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x10_03.jpg

The official recap is under the break:

The UNN Thomas Prince is on final approach to pass through the Ring, and everybody onboard is somewhere on the spectrum from excited to nervous to scared. Anna is definitely one of the excited ones; so excited, in fact that when one of the officers, a nervous-looking man named Nemeroff, approaches her to share his frightened feelings, she blows him off to get a better look at passing through the Ring in silence.

The Thomas Prince passes through the gate without incident, save for some lights and instruments blinking off for a second. The scientist, Kolvoord, checks the instruments to get some clues as to what they’re floating in, while Anna just wants to appreciate the beauty, at least for a moment. Kolvoord spots the station at the center, as well as the objects in orbit around it: Maneo’s ship, the Behemoth’s missile, and the MCRN probe. “What is this place,” Anna asks with wonder. “Where angels would fear to tread if they had any goddamned sense,” Kolvoord answers her. An unseen Nemeroff, looking sick to his stomach, slinks off.

Back on the Thomas Prince, while Anna and Kolvoord debate different aspects of the Ring, Lieutenant Nemeroff approaches Tilly Fagin and says the XO (the one she’s blackmailing to stay on the ship) would like to meet with her. He’s once again looking scared as hell, and once again, Anna sees this and brushes him off.

On the Thomas Prince, Lieutenant Nemeroff enters his quarters looking troubled, but calm. He stares at a monitor that is showing the status of the Station, and the longer he does, the more agitated he becomes. Suddenly, a look passes over his face. He reaches for his weapon, sticks his gun in his mouth, and fires.

Anna and Kolvoord are still speaking intelligently about the nature of what they’re seeing, quoting St. Augustine and such, when Anna gets asked by one of the officers if she’d say some words at a service for Lieutenant Nemeroff, who died “while cleaning his service weapon.” Anna knows a euphemism when she hears it, though, and gets emotional imagining that this scared man she saw has now taken his life.

After Anna gives a lovely eulogy for Nemeroff in which she says they should all be there for each other more, Tilly approaches her and says she’s seen a familiar face. She explains that Jules-Pierre Mao’s family has been disgraced, with some in hiding, and that she thinks she saw his daughter Clarissa, whom she knew socially. She’s reluctant to bust Clarissa if she’s just trying to escape her father’s reputation. Anna encourages her to reach out and trust her judgment.