Our Thoughts About The Expanse 3×10

When it’s about Elizabeth is very hard to pick up an highlight in the performance because she studies every single trait of her characters so deep in their hearts.


The script is like a piece of clay that she molds and makes it into the most detailed sculpture and if you look at it very close, you can see all the features she has created and get mesmerized by them.


Watching her acting is the most fascinating thing for us. We can’t even imagine how astonishing it would be to see her work of art taking shape live.

We hope one day to be that lucky to see her on stage. We always tell each other that if she ever does another play, we will move to that city and go to every single theatrical show.

We will be like Anna amazed by science and the unknown. We actually are already like that every time Liz is on our screens, but you know what we mean. She’s magic!


This week she delivered so many moments of beauty, from Anna’s guilt (as soon as she finds out that the lieutenant killed himself) to the awareness of not doing what she is supposed to do there (that scene with Tilly was heartbreaking).


Emotions that collude into her final eulogy.


Elizabeth’s voice modulation and her pauses in the way she executed that dialogue make it so powerful and make our hearts trembling. Those smiles through the lumps in the throat, almost tears, express so much pain, but at the same time Elizabeth decided to make Anna very calm, to reassure all the people there – even Anna herself – to instill conficence, in the hope to avoid another tragedy.


Liz, are you aware of how good you are? SERIOUSLY! You have no idea!


We just wanna write a few notes about the character as well.


What we were saying last week about the fact that Anna is not flawless and her selfish desire to stay on the Thomas Prince makes her human?

Humans make mistakes and that’s what happens in the episode. Anna is preoccupied for going through The Ring (as everybody else), and then too excited and fascinated by what they are going to discover. She is too distracted by the events surrounding her that she misses the opportunity to give attention to those in need.


We don’t wanna call it self-absorption because it’s not what Anna is. She is just a woman with so many talents and passions. (Her theory about the purple glow is so captivating. Anna is also very clever.)

For a moment she simply let her passion for science be on a step higher than her job obligations (which is a mission more than a job). She shouldn’t, of course she shouldn’t, but people make mistakes.


Lt. Jordaan Nemeroff kills himself and Anna can’t help by blaming herself because maybe if she reached out to him, she thinks she could avoid his death.

With her eulogy she encourages everyone to gather together and help one another. Her speech is what convinces Tilly to try to help Clarissa. Big mistake in that case, but Anna couldn’t know.

Very sad irony!


We love how Miss Fagin cares for Anna in this episode and that proves her superficial personality was just an act.


The upcoming episode should be very exciting since it’s the one Elizabeth mentioned in the interview where she said she gets to be very angry. Yeah, we can’t wait to see that!


Oh final note… Anna succeeded to get respect from Chris Owens’ character which is so huge. We love that!