The Expanse 3×11 Reviews

These are a couple of nice reviews of The Expanse 3×11. The first one is about Elizabeth’s performance and the 2nd review is more about how great Anna is at the end of the episode. 🙂

This section of story is really well done, with all three of the main actors involved doing a great job. Clarissa/Melba is a complex character and here shows both determination, and single minded obsession, but also a vulnerability and desperation, as she looks to get away. Alongside this, Tilly, who was clearly trying to make a change for the better, essentially gets punished for her efforts, and gets skewered during the deceleration, but holds out long enough to tell Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) of who Melba really is.

Having been asleep during the deceleration, Anna is uninjured and tries to help the crew, which includes Melba, who has broken her arm. Later, after she discovers the mortally wounded Tilly and learns the truth about Melba, she goes after her, seemingly still trying to save her. Elizabeth Mitchell is especially brilliant during this whole episode, as she has to portray a variety of emotional states, and conflicting thoughts, showing the grief, panic, and strive for justice at various points.



I suppose the big tease at the end of the episode, with Holden telling Bobbie that he saw “the end of everything” is what’s supposed to stick with you, but for my money, Anna following Melba to the Roci and saving Naomi in the nick of time is one of the best “fuck yes” moments the show has ever managed. It caught me completely off guard, and even better, more or less holds up: Anna knew what Melba (who I’m calling Melba again solely because that’s what everyone else is calling her) was up to, knew that she’d killed Tilly, and was perfectly capable of following her from the Prince. But while I assumed someone was going to save Naomi at the last minute, given everything else, I just expected Amos to do his Amos thing. That it wasn’t him, and that Anna is now being thrust into the middle of things, is absolutely terrific. “Fallen World” is one of my favorite single episodes the show has done so far, and I can’t wait for next week.

I like how, in her final words, Tilly manages to point out that Anna’s advice is what sent her to talk to Melba, which led to her death; it probably helped push Anna towards the Roci in the end, and also lets Tilly go out on a relative high note. The character had unexpected depth, and while her death seems necessary, I’m surprised at how sad I am to see her go.