The Expanse 3×11 More Stills & Official Recap

Syfy uploaded these photos of Liz on their site. WOW Anna is so furious in the last one! 😮 <3


The official recap is under the break:

Meanwhile, Anna emerges from her quarters mostly unscathed (she was sleeping and thus belted down). She begins to survey the devastation, and it is intense. Dead bodies floating in zero gravity, amid debris and suspended blood droplets. She heads to a triage area where the wounded are being tended to and offers her services as a trained nurse. The officer in charge (who’s decently bloodied up himself) explains to her that in zero G, wounds can’t drain or heal, and any internal bleeding is a death sentence. He tells her to pray to her God. “This is only going to get worse.”

Anna, on wound-patrol, finds Melba and her broken arm (out of sight of Tilly and her broken everything, however). She takes Melba to the medical bay and explains to her what’s happened: massive deceleration, all ships being pulled to the center, et cetera. “All ships?” asks Melba, visions of hopscotching over to the Rocinante and offing James Holden dancing in her head. Anna is interrupted by a communication from Tilly. There’s too much interference to make out what she’s saying, but Anna goes off in search of her. Melba, feeling the awkward moment but also knowing a live Tilly means bad news for her, follows Anna out.

Anna finds Tilly, still impaled on the ceiling, and calls for help. Tilly can barely speak, but she manages to get out that it was Clarissa Mao who did this to her. And just when you think she’s going to leave Anna in the dark about Clarissa’s real identity, she says she’s going by Melba. Anna is struck by this, but for the moment, all she can do is be with Tilly in her final moments. Helpless, Anna can only look on as zero-gravity tears pool up and shimmer in Tilly’s eyes as she dies.

On the Thomas Prince, Melba plots out a course to get to the now-much-closer Roci, while Anna is in pursuit of her (with a stun weapon she lifted off an officer). Anna finds Melba just as she’s about to open the airlock. Anna tells her there’s no running from what she’s done. “The only thing you can do is BEG for mercy.” By the time Melba in her space suit has boostered off of the ship, Anna is furiously screaming at her.

Thinking Holden is still on the Rocinante, Melba space-walks her way across the soup and locks herself onto the ship. She’s a resourceful one, so she gets inside pretty easily. Naomi goes to investigate a strange noise (rookie mistake!), and Melba gets the jump on her. Melba’s in a mech suit AND has that super chewing-gum power, so Naomi’s at a real disadvantage. She puts up a good fight, but Melba ultimately gets her mecha claw around Naomi’s neck and demands Holden. Naomi says even if she knew, she wouldn’t say. It looks like Naomi’s going to die for Holden, when all of a sudden Anna comes from behind Melba and electrocutes her with that prod she lifted. Looks like the minister learned a thing or two about solo space travel.