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I have to admit a growing admiration for our space minister Anna Volovodov. When Melba made her escape via space to get onto the Rocinante, I thought the shot of Anna screaming at Melba through the air-lock was kind of the end of it. But dear Anna showed she’s got some fire in the belly by following Melba to the Roci and saving Naomi’s life while in Melba’s death grip. Great to see Amos and Alex still alive — bruised and bloodied, but alive — and to see Naomi back home where she belongs (Amos, nice little line about changing her hair. Again, subtle humor that resonates so effectively), but to see Anna’s passion and commitment to justice being done on Melba was something special.

I’m sure Anna hasn’t done much space walking, but it’s also fairly obvious that when she puts her mind to something (and that something was Melba), she will not easily be dissuaded. So now she’s aboard the Rocinante, Melba got a nice dose of shock therapy, and Naomi will try to put the pieces together. I think Anna will be an interesting part of the Rocinante crew dynamics moving forward, provided she stays aboard for a while — and I think she will.


Meanwhile, on the UNNThomas Prince, a shell-shocked Anna picks her way through the gory corridors. She tries to offer up her services—she’s a trained nurse, after all—but the harried medical officer tells her that “without gravity, any internal bleeding is a death sentence.” He notices she’s a pastor, and adds, “You might want to put in a good word with your boss… this is only going to get worse.”

Indeed it is, when Anna receives a call from a very distressed Tilly, moments after helping Melba/Clarissa get aid for her broken arm. As M/C glares after her, Anna runs to help her friend, who’s gruesomely impaled but is still able to wheeze out that Melba, a.k.a. Clarissa Mao, tried to kill her and is ultimately hellbent on killing James Holden. Anna’s temper, which hasn’t flared since she had to deal with Errinwright’s smug mug back on Earth, rises up, but she’s not able to stop Melba in time—she can only watch as the spacesuit-clad villain shuffles off the Prince toward the Rocinante to settle her unfinished business.

And she gets there, too. Naomi’s none too thrilled at the rude invasion, especially when Melba, a total stranger, attacks her with that irritating superhuman strength and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t reveal where Holden is. Just then—HOLY SHIT!—Melba is zapped from behind. I was fully prepared to see a revived Amos wielding the weapon, but nope: Anna to the rescue! Anna, who’s never been in space before, took it upon herself to put on a suit and follow Melba into the void. That was outstanding, and I can’t wait to see how the Roci crew is going to deal with Melba and help clear Holden’s name—and how Anna’s going to fit into their future adventures.

But before the episode ends on Anna’s triumph and Ashford’s humanitarian gesture, we get one last check-in with Holden aboard the Martian dropship.


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Melba is electrocuted by Anna, who just so happened to be following the former since her departure from the Thomas Prince. Go, Anna!