Our Thougs About The Expanse 3×11

We are almost at the end of this adventure with Anna Volovodov and that makes us sad since there will be months without a weekly dose of Elizabeth, but at the same time we’re happy with the development of the character we get to have in the latest episodes.


This second part of the season (since Anna was on the Thomas Prince) is a way more interesting than the first one since Elizabeth has the chance to express a myriad of emotions, which makes the character more captivating and appealing.


We get to see her pissed off, even more than that time with Errinwright. What is even more satisfying is that in the end Anna is actually able to stop Clarissa Mao, while after she succeeded to incriminate Errinwright, she found out that Sorento-Gillis was even worse.


Her last scene in the episode is totally unexpected and now Anna is finally on the Roci, which means Elizabeth is finally able to interact with the main cast (at least part of it) even if it’s just for the last 2 episodes.

Beside the rage against Clarissa (which must be amplified also by the fact that she actually tried to help that conflicted soul more than once and didn’t understand how dangerous she was), we get to see the tremendous pain of losing a friend.

Elizabeth is heroic in that scene! At first Anna tries to stay strong to encourage Tilly, but the woman knows already what is going to happen, then the reverend can’t avoid to break at the line “you’re really good at this.”

The change of expressions through the two different emotional states is probably what impress us the most.

The choice to bring Anna’s face on Tilly’s hand and kissing it makes the scene even more heartbreaking.


What we don’t like is the fact that before dying she says that it’s Anna’s fault and that’s what she gets for helping someone. We don’t like that for two reasons: first of all it isn’t really Anna’s fault and the second reason is that it is horrible that Tilly dies thinking that for once she did something for someone else and the result of it is that her life is ending. Awful message.


We think we have already mentioned it when the sneak peak came out, but the way Elizabeth expresses the state of confusion at the beginning of the episode feels so real.

We also love how resolute she is when Anna asks to track Melba and her facial expression when she takes the teaser from that agent. *I’m doing this, I need to, don’t judge me!*