The Expanse Showrunner About Anna

The Expanse’s showrunner Naren Shankar talked about the adaptation of the books and what they changed from them to create the show. This is only the part that concerns Anna.

We’ll talk more about what you have in store for season 4 in a bit, but let’s get into what happened this season. First off, you really sped through book 3, Abaddon’s Gate, doing the whole thing in seven episodes — much faster than the first two books. Why the accelerated pace for what is, in my opinion, one of the best books in the series?
Book 3 was a challenging thing to adapt. What was tricky about Abaddon’s Gate was that it starts with an entirely new cast of characters. It kind of builds up to getting them through the Ring. It’s more philosophical than intellectual. The space where they go into, it’s sort of the most… I don’t want to use this term disparagingly at all, but sort of science-fiction-y thing we have done in the run of the show. Which tends to be sort of more like science-realistic, or at least tries to achieve that. So for a lot of reasons, we felt like we had 13 episode seasons, we were gonna finish off Caliban’s War mid-season. We took the approach that we compressed it and we launched Anna, who was the character, really kind of the focus character in Abaddon’s Gate, early in the season, which we did because she is not actually in the second book at all.

Yeah, you gave her a prequel, basically.
That’s right, we gave her a history, we gave her a connection to Earth and the government, and we changed her backstory, but that would enable us to get through the end of that because it was such a great season-ender. It was such a momentous thing and such a huge game-changer for the world of The Expanse. We always felt like that would be a great place to end the season. So I think it was all those factors together that led to the decision to compress that narrative into seven episodes.