The Expanse Season 3 Finale | Reviews

The first review says nice things about Liz and the second one is more an analysis of her character, but interesting. 🙂

Over the second half of this season there has also been an increase in the emotional depth of many characters, and there has been a lot of excellent character moments, giving great insight. This is exemplified by the brilliance of Elizabeth Mitchell as Anna, who has portrayed the pain and conflict of her character, alongside her drive to care and minister to all. Over this episode we see a growing connection with Amos (Wes Chatham), who is essentially closed off emotionally, yet she seems to be able to have some kind of dialogue with him, unlike many others.

Anna’s conflict is typified by her reaction to Clarissa/Melba (Nadine Nicole), as they have her subdued in the Rocinante med bay. On one hand she is angry at her, but also still wants to give her Mercy. Like Elizabeth Mitchell, Nadine Nicole has been a stand out in this second half of the season, and she has some great scenes in this episode.


It is a truly amazing thing when moments of synchronicity happen. Light sometimes comes from the unlikeliest of places. The exceptionally well crafted science fiction series The Expanse performed a real life miracle tonight. The Season 3 Finale gave us all a much needed anchor of hope in a present reality which has been filled with increasing bitterness and uncertainty of late.

Below are my observations of the truths we can acknowledge  in order to find some genuine peace in the midst of chaos.

Anna: “Because it needs to be done. I think that’s what most of my life is; Seeing what needs to be done and trying to do it.

On every side of this this there are people who have no reason to hate each other. Everyone here thinks they are doing the right thing. Everyone there thinks they are doing the right thing. If we get out of this we have to find a way to understand each other. To explain why we made the choices we did. It is the only way we can let go of the hate.

Hate is a burden. You don’t have to carry it with you.”

These two are the unlikeliest of allies. Truly the war scarred orphan Amos (Wes Chatham) and the ever hopeful, forever helpful Minister Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) are polar opposites and yet, in the same moment, exactly the same. They both have been battered by life and each has discovered their own way of finding meaning and purpose from that agony.
There is nothing so sacred and unifying as shared pain. If we take a moment to view each other through the prism of understanding instead of fear, we just might see our similarities outweigh the differences.

Anna: “This is a dark time. I’m asking you to be brave with me.
I understand what it is to fight for something, but I also understand how it can turn into blind hatred. I’m scared too. We still have a chance, but we have to do it together. I’m not sure how much longer we are going to be able to keep this going.”

Boy, that Minster sure knows how to preach when it is most needed! Her speech brings to mind a common quote often  thought to be attributed to Einstien regarding insanity. Whether he penned it or not, the quote strikes the soul and guides it to true north. “Insanity is doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results.” If we want different results, different actions must be taken. I agree wholeheartedly with Anna’s words.
If enough of us were brave enough to make different choices together for good a massive shift in the right direction is inevitable.