The Expanse Season 3 Finale Stills & Recap

Such a wasted opportunity:  Syfy’s site only posted these photos of Liz from the last two episodes and there were so many beautiful/heartbreaking/sassy (like the scenes with Clarissa) facial expressions they could have captured. Elizabeth was WONDERFUL in the finale! We just can’t get over how great she was. SHE IS SO TALENTED!

Does it ever happen to you when you see something so beautiful that you are moved into tears by that? Liz’s talent has that effect on us!

 Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x12_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x13_06.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x13_07.jpg

The official recap is under the break:

Aboard the Rocinante, Anna and Amos have detained Melba, and though she struggles to activate her endocrine enhancement implant (that thing where she bites down hard and gets superpowers), Anna informs her they put her on blockers. Melba rages that this is none of Anna’s business, but Anna says she made it her business when she let Tilly die. “I’ve killed better people than Tilly Fagin,” Melba sneers, which earns her a quick backhand slap from Anna, whose fury surprises even herself. Amos strongly believes the smartest and quickest thing to do is to execute Melba, but Anna says that’s not what they do. Amos looks dubious.

The Rocinante crew arrives on the Behemoth, greeted by a delegation led by Diogo, who is REALLY feeling his new authority. They take Melba into custody and — above Amos’s objections — relieve the Roci crew of their weapons. Amos, Alex, and Anna are sent to the medical bay to be of help.

In the medical bay, Amos helps out Anna with a patient and learns that she was a nurse before she was a pastor. She mentions her clinic in St. Petersburg for the Undocumented. This appeals to Amos. Anna in general seems to appeal to Amos.

Anna pays Melba a visit in her cell. She’s not there to gloat nor to rage at Melba for letting Tilly die. She’s not there looking for forgiveness for her lapse into physical violence. She says she simply doesn’t care about Melba. “I keep looking for a way to care about you,” Anna says, almost detached. Maybe Melba is damaged or had terrible parents. Maybe it’s a brain tumor (it’s not). Ultimately, Anna says it wasn’t mercy that kept her from letting Amos execute Melba, it was vanity. She didn’t want to think of herself as a vengeful person.” “You’re a coward,” Melba spits at her. “You should’ve let him kill me. Anna replies, “You don’t get the easy way out.”

Meanwhile, Alex and Monica try and patch her news report into the fleet’s central video feed. While Amos keeps watch, Anna takes a moment to counsel him. Or try to anyway. She can’t really understand his mindset, where his only regret if they died right here is that he didn’t get the chance to kill Ashford. Anna says if they all get through this, they’re going to have to find a way to understand each other, everyone. “Hate is a burden,” Anna tells Amos. “You don’t have to carry it with you.” Amos then pledges to Anna that he won’t let anyone hurt her.

Monica’s news blast goes up. On it, a very persuasive Anna lays out the power-down plan for survival.