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This review is awesome even more because it’s by IGN (they didn’t cover the show).

We love the dynamic between Anna and Amos so much, we really hope to see that explored in season 4, even though the role of Anna is not included in the 4th book and we understand Anna has a family to go back to at some point and they’ve been waiting for her for so long, but yet we hope there’s a chance to see more of Anna in the 4th season (and with the main cast).

The Expanse has always had a rich cast of characters, but the addition of Reverand Anna Volovodov (Mitchell) in Season 3 made the show even better, especially her relationship with Amos (Wes Chatham). Chatham has done a wonderful job of being the show’s comic relief, but since Naomi (Dominique Tipper) fell in love with Holden and left the Roci crew midway through the season, Amos lost a counterpart to bounce his craziness off of. With Anna, who had a great scene with Amos during a shootout in the finale about the value of human life and morality, Amos now has that dynamic equal to contend with. Chatham and Mitchell are both talented actors, so pairing them together in an almost mother/son dynamic was a great move by the writers. Hopefully, Season 4 will develop their relationship even further.

The comments in this one are only about Anna, but it’s very nice!

Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Amos (Wes Chatham) enter the scene, informing Melba that her superpowers have been inhibited thanks to blockers. Oh, and that thing that makes her super strong? Endocrine enhancement implants. Amos wants to take her down, citing that people like her deserve to die. However, Anna sways him to the contrary. Anna’s super power is the power of persuasion. […]

[…]Naomi vows she’ll take Amos and Anna with her, but Alex won’t have it. They’ll all go together – like a family. And cue the eye leakage. […]

[…]Amos and Alex are forced to relinquish their firearms, and the triple As (Alex, Anna and Amos) are ushered to the med bay to assist in whatever way possible.[…]

[…]Later, we see our trio of As in the med bay, providing assistance to the injured. Amos learns that Anna used to be a nurse prior to her Reverend-ing. He seems entranced by her. I’m really enjoying the burgeoning friendship between these two. Anna will be a positive influence on Amos. […]

[…]Later, Anna pays Melba a visit in the brig. She confesses that she prevented Amos from killing Melba not out of morality, but vanity. Anna wanted to convince herself that she wasn’t merely avenging Tilly. She couldn’t care less for Melba’s own well being. Melba, enraged, accuses Anna of cowardice. Anna responds coldly that a quick death would be a way out for Jules-Pierre Mao’s daughter, and Melba deserves to suffer. Ouch. After Anna leaves, we see Holden introduce himself to Melba from the adjacent cell, and she lets out a bitter laugh. How ironic that she would be imprisoned right next to her murder target. Life has a funny sense of humor. […]

[…]Amos, Alex and Anna (my triple As), also get a move on, hoping to inform the masses. […]

[…]Then, our triple As and Monica find a remote location to do the broadcast. They plug in the camera so the footage can’t be tampered with. Anna and Amos have a frank conversation on morality. The Reverend reveals that Amos doesn’t have to harbor such hate, and that it’s a burden. Amos vows to keep Anna safe at all costs. Have I mentioned yet how much I love these two together? […]

[…]Meanwhile, Monica begins her broadcast and introduces Anna as someone who was instrumental in taking down the traitorous Errinwright. Anna then speaks to the masses in an attempt to pacify them. She spreads the word about everyone shutting off their main reactors and going dark in an effort to assure the Ring that humans aren’t the enemy. […]

[…]Ashford watches Anna convey the message about going dark, and scoffs.[…]

[…]Meanwhile, Bobbie and co. stumble upon the triple As and Monica. They immediately start raining gunfire on the broadcasters. Anna and Monica take shelter as Alex and Amos fire in retaliation. […]

[…]We see Melba sitting with Anna, collapsing in tears. She’s clearly remorseful over her actions.