The Expanse | Review

We found this positive review about the addition of Elizabeth to The Expanse.

We know they need to change a lot from the books, but they would be really fools if they didn’t ask her to be in season 4. Obviously if Liz wants to!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x11_promotion_instagram.jpgElizabeth Mitchell brought a soulful quality to the season as Anna.

The back half of season three compressed almost the entirety of book three — also called Abbadon’s Gate — into seven episodes of television. (This is what I have ascertained. Again, I haven’t read the books.) That gave the episodes a slightly breathless quality, even when episode 11 of season three, titled “Fallen World,” paused just briefly enough to mourn a tragedy.

But that compression also allowed the series to bring in two big-name guest stars to play new characters who factored heavily into book three. With David Strathairn as Ashford, a former pirate who is now a respectable starship second-in-command, and Elizabeth Mitchell as the Methodist pastor Anna, the series had more star power than ever.

And it cannily set up Strathairn to stand in for the side of humanity that is suspicious and afraid of the new, clinging stubbornly to the way things were, with Anna standing in for the side of humanity that embraces the future and is curious about what might be next.

This extends to the two-hour finale, which features Anna giving a speech urging a peaceful approach to the Ring, even as Ashford fires up a laser meant to destroy the structure. When his crew is briefly swayed by Anna’s words (broadcast to their ship), he mutes her to continue the mission. These two sides of humanity are not explicitly at war with each other, but for either to accomplish their goal, they have to negate the other.