10 Casting Decisions That Save Once Upon A Time

Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x10_EMfc_003209.jpgElizabeth was included in this review about “10 Casting Decisions That Hurt Once Upon A Time And 10 that Saved It”.

Obviously Liz is among the ones who saved the show and what is even better is that she’s in the list with Lana Parrilla, Robert Carlyle, Rebecca Mader and Colin O’Donoghue who were actually part of the main cast.

What they wrote here makes us so happy! The Snow Queen was one of her finest performances. We are so proud of her and feel so lucky to be following such a mighty actress and beautiful human being!

Here’s the article:

9 Saved: Elizabeth Mitchell – Ingrid/The Snow Queen

Lost alumni Elizabeth Mitchell stuck with the familiar ABC network to  play The Snow Queen in the fourth season of OUAT.

Her villainy was superb, solely thanks to the actress’ conservative and mesmerizing performance.

While some didn’t love the Frozen angle the show took in the 2014 season, no one could argue that Ingrid’s character was a highlight of it.

Mitchell is so confident in her performance that she was able to shine through the underwhelminmg plot. Complexity is always something truly great villains possess, in character and in performance.

The casting of Mitchell truly gave the character everything she needed to become one of the most notable antagonists on the show.


So so so true!

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