The Expanse Season 3 Finale | Another Review

We found another review about the finale and this is the part about Anna. 🙂

[…]Though Amos thinks they should just shoot snarling prisoner Clarissa Mao—who’s been outfitted with a chemical restraint that curtails her super-strength—Anna won’t let him, and it’s not because she expects a cold-hearted murderer to appreciate her mercy. “It’s not about her,” she tells him. “It’s about us.” Later, she explains she really did want Amos to kill Clarissa, but stopped him out of vanity. Anna doesn’t want to have to think of herself as someone capable of seeking vengeance, even though nobody would blame her if she did.


Amos, Anna, and Alex head to the medical bay to deliver the supplies they’ve brought over from the Roci, and they notice that Monica, the female half of the documentary team (i.e., the one who didn’t help Clarissa with her sabotage plan) is now broadcasting on a channel that’s beamed to every ship trapped in the Ring. Since everyone is hungry for information, her news reports have quickly become vital. Amos wanders over to talk to Anna; he’s become curious about her since she prevented him from killing Clarissa. As she’s helping a patient, she reflects that most of her life has been “seeing what needs to be done, and trying to do it.” (Man of action Amos doesn’t pause long before agreeing: “Mine too.”) Later, she advises him that hate is a burden, and he doesn’t have to carry it with him. Anna is unfailingly wise.

But she’s not always peaceful, as we’ve seen. After the man she’s caring for dies, Anna heads to the brig to pay Clarissa a visit. Clarissa has really gotten under Anna’s skin—not just because she left Anna’s friend Tilly to die after the slowdown ravaged the Thomas Prince, though that’s a big part of it. Anna tells Clarissa that she tries to care about everyone—but admits that she’s actually found it impossible to care about Clarissa. (One suspects Errinwright was also on her shit list, but he’s a zillion miles away in a cold cell of his own back on Earth.) The interaction is brief, but emotional. We know Clarissa still has some humanity left inside her; she did feel pretty crummy after she had to stomp her co-worker’s skull back when she was still pretending to be Melba Koh. And after hearing Anna’s speech about how she’s a lost cause, you can start to see cracks forming in the anger that Clarissa’s been holding onto for so long.

[…]Amos grab Anna—probably the only person in any universe capable of calmly convincing a ton of terrified people to take such a huge gamble—and track down their frenemy Monica as she’s beaming out her latest broadcast.

[…]As Holden begins his season-ending voice-over, we get a nice montage of everyone: […] Anna visiting Clarissa at her hospital bed, where they share a Look (I think we can assume Anna cares now);[…]