Our Thoughts About The Expanse Finale

We procrastinated a lot before writing our thoughts about the last two episodes of The Expanse because it’s always so hard to put an end to an adventure.


We know Elizabeth will find another great role to play very soon, but in the meantime we will miss her on our screens. Furthermore it’s always hard to say goodbye to her characters because she makes us love them all.


What we like the most about The Expanse season 3 finale is the dynamic between Anna and Amos and the one between Anna and Clarissa.


The thing we find even more fascinating is the two different Annas we get to see in those scenes. Elizabeth decided to make her character very open in Amos’ presence, she doesn’t hide her feelings to him, while we see a very cold Anna, far away from sympathetic, when she is with Clarissa.


This choice is exquisite and the reactions we see in the other two characters are beautiful.

Amos is immediately attracted/intrigued by her, while Clarissa is angry, but at the same time she gets hurt by Anna’s words.

We feel like there would be so much more to explore in both relationships and it’s really a pity we only got them together in the latest few episodes.


In the scene with Clarissa, Anna’s cold indifference is there not only because the Rev is still upset for Tilly’s death, but because she uses it as a provocative weapon, in order to gain a reaction that shows there’s still humanity in that woman.


Anna’s words and the way she acts with Clarissa hit her deeply and that culminates into her “redemption” and that behaviour toward her is what makes the last scene between the two at the end of the episode so satisfying.


Our favourite scene is for sure the one with Amos before the broadcast.

Elizabeth’s performance is just beautiful: Anna’s trembling voice in what sounds like a confession about how she actually feels for leaving her family in order to be there is counterposed to the strength of her convictions about the effort everyone needs to do to understand each other better.


What we also like is that her broadcast actually helps everyone and that gives Anna the justification for being there;  not an excuse to explain her decision to her family, but a real response for herself.


After the suicide of the Lieutenant, she has felt like she did everything wrong, like she lost the purpose, blinded by her curiosity and her passion for science.


Now, thanks to her speech, everyone is safe and she can finally answer to that question: “Do you think God wants us to be here?”

As believer, Anna can think she needed to be there, that God wanted her to be there, which gives Elizabeth’s character a lovely conclusion.


Liz, we want to thank you so much for all the emotions you made us feel with another great woman you played perfectly. Thank you for making us think, for giving us the joy to see your vision and the purity of your performances.