The Purge: Election Year | Nice Reviews

They are posting reviews about the new movie over the net and in some of them, they mentioned The Purge: Election Year and wrote nice things about Elizabeth.

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Purge_Election_Year_04.jpgThe characters in Election Year are all great – believable, well acted, and fleshed out enough that the audience can actually care about them. […]
Other standouts are Elizabeth Mitchell as the senator determined to bring the purge to an end, […]


[…]solid performances from Frank Grillo and Elizabeth Mitchell[…]


The “Purge” movies have made room for some surprisingly strong performances, from Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey and Edwin Hodge in the first film, to Michael K. Williams, Carmen Ejogo, Elizabeth Mitchell, Frank Grillo and Betty Gabriel in the subsequent pictures.


What The First Purge does do, however, is directly connect this series more acutely to the current political landscape than any of the previous films. Election Year, which came out in 2016, was produced just as the threat of the Trump presidency was hovering into view, and understandably was filled with the same kind of reflective hope that the pure madness of Trump would not come to pass; that film hinged on Elizabeth Mitchell’s white, middle-aged female Presidential candidate, a woman determined to end the Purge and the rule of the New Founding Fathers political/totalitarian party, attempting to survive what would end up being the final Purge which the NFF were using as a cover to disguise an assassination plot. She is more glamorous than Hillary Clinton, but the parallels are abundantly clear.

Election Year not only ends the Purge but, essentially, ends the franchise, given the NFF are removed from power and Mitchell’s progressive President vows that the tradition will never again blacken America’s soul. This was a film banking on Hillary winning the 2016 Presidential election and consequently that hope America can be saved from the abyss by a progressive candidate is visible.


We also found a nice mention in an italian article which describle Liz as “very good”. 😛

La senatrice Roan, interpretata da un’ottima Elizabeth Mitchell, è un bersaglio mobile che si muove senza sosta in una città che è una gabbia da cui sembra impossibile fuggire.


Neither Mitchell nor Secor go quite the obvious route and model their performances on the real-life players in the US election, but there are deliberate parallels with the issues of 2016.


There are many things to like about The First Purge. The biggest is that the characters all feel like real, relatable people, something the other Purge films don’t really do outside of Frank Grillo and Elizabeth Mitchell.