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We found the dvd poster used for Answers To Nothing DVD in HQ and we’ve just found out that the movie is available for free if you are an Amazon Prime member on

You can also buy the digital version here and the dvd at this link.


The character Liz plays in this movie is so different from everything she has ever played.

It’s a very sad woman and that state of mind is very hard to play, you probably need to be very brave to go there. Definitely Liz is.

We rewatched the movie lately.
Kate is so blind by the desire to have a baby that she prefers to ignore what’s in front of her eyes.

The relationship with her husband is very bad from all points of view. Her end in the movie is the wrong path and the fact that she can’t have the baby is probably the way to understand that. (She should have left husband.)
It’s something interesting to watch, definitely painful, but it makes you think.

She lies to her best friend (Julie Benz) about her husband, but she lies even to herself. Kate just wants to believe in what makes her feel better, the idea of having a baby is stronger than anything else. She builds her entire fantasy around it, buying stuff for a child she doesn’t have and will never have. It seems she has some moments of realization at some points, but she always puts away that idea.

We also love the scenes with Miranda Bailey, where we can see a stronger Kate, less detached from reality, who can get herself personally involved in someone else’s problem (she is a lawyer).