Welcome to Pine Grove! – “Elizabeth Mitchell Also Board”

http://elizabeth-mitchell.org/skin2017/WelcomeToPineGrove.jpgWe found this hollywoodreporter‘s article about the new movie with Liz, but there’s no info about her character yet.

Christopher Lloyd and Elizabeth Mitchell also board the romantic comedy alongside Ellen Burstyn and James Caan.

The romantic comedy Welcome to Pine Grove! has added Ann-Margret, Jane Curtin, Loretta Devine, Christopher Lloyd and Elizabeth Mitchell.

They join Ellen Burstyn and James Caan in the indie to be directed by Michael Lembeck and based on a screenplay by Donald Martin.

Welcome to Pine Grove! follows Helen Wilson (Burstyn), an independent widow who moves into the Pine Grove Senior Community and discovers it’s just like high school, full of cliques and flirtatious suitors.

Caan will play Dan Simpson, the hot new guy at Pine Grove and Burstyn’s love interest. Curtin will play the self-appointed ruler of the Queen B’s at Pine Grove, while Sally, to be played by Devine, is a free spirit who bonds with Helen.

Ann-Margret will play Margot, a bombshell looking for husband No. 6, while Arthur, to be played by Lloyd, is a new resident loving the ladies’ attention.

Harrison Powell, Dominique Telson and Fred Bernstein will produce, with Rick Jackson and Claudine Marrotte executive producing. Astute Films is financing the movie, which is now in production in Atlanta.