“Dolls Behaving Badly” Is Still A Thing

http://elizabeth-mitchell.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Dolls_Behaving_Badly-96x150.jpgDo you remember Dolls Behaving Badly, right?

According to Cinthia Ritchie (the author of the book) Liz still has the intention to make it into a movie.

She wrote this on twitter:

Yippee! Getting ready to sign the third film option for “Dolls Behaving Badly” to actor Elizabeth Mitchell (loved her in “Lost”), who has held such faith in my book. Love you, Elizabeth! #amwriting #filmoption #nevergiveup #writing

This makes us so happy!

A couple of years ago a French journalist contacted us. He needed some questions for Elizabeth because of an interview he had to do with her the day after (Crossing Lines promotion in Paris) and one of our questions was about the status of Dolls Behaving Badly.

At that time Liz said: “I wish there were progresses. I’ve never got to the point where I really felt like I wanted to do it, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for it.”

We remember she talked to Amber Coney about this during Dead Of Summer, but we had almost lost our hopes.

The info posted today by the author means that Liz is still trying to do it! YAY!

For more info about Dolls Behaving Badly check the our info page and its tag on the site.