Welcome To Pine Grove! Production Started

http://elizabeth-mitchell.org/skin2017/WelcomeToPineGrove.jpgSome of the cast have been in Atlanta already since July 31, so Welcome To Pine Grove!  production officially started.

We want to wish Liz to have a lot of fun while filming this movie. We are so excited to see it for all the reasons we wrote in the previous post.

Currently shooting in the US state of Georgia.

Astute Films’ Harrison Powell, Dominique Telson and Fred Bernstein are producing, with Rick Jackson and Claudine Marrotte serving as executive producers.

Telson commented: “We are thrilled this amazing cast will be telling this story, which is an homage to people of all ages who still believe in love. Many people we have met while developing this project have their own Welcome to Pine Grove! stories, and our hope is to inspire many more.”


Awwww so close to where they’re filming one of Julie Plec’s new shows.