Lost 3×04 “Every Man For Himself” | AV Club Review

EMFC_LOST_3x04_02890.jpg///We noticed that someone at AV Club was rewatching Lost and posted some reviews about the show. We’re going to post here all the parts about Juliet and Elizabeth.///

Note that when Juliet goes to Jack for help with Colleen’s gunshot wound, she reassures him that they did nothing to Sawyer, which in retrospect is more honest than we originally believed it to be. Furthermore, Juliet’s interactions with Jack even previewed the second island, referring to “over here” in describing the Others’ power structure.

Stray observations:

I feel like Juliet admitting she’s a fertility doctor represents the first concrete piece of information we’ve learned about one of the Others, and raises a lot of other questions without necessarily doing any work to connect the dots—at this point, the writers knew fans would do that themselves.