Lost 3×07 “Not In Portland” | AV Club Review

///We noticed that someone at AV Club was rewatching Lost and posted some reviews about the show. We’re going to post here all the parts about Juliet and Elizabeth.///

EMFC_LOST_3x07_000000004410.jpgThis is actually a review of “Flashes Before Your Eyes” but the author reflects on Juliet’s flashbacks in “Not In Portland”.

Lost was consistently vague about whether we could understand its flashbacks as memories the characters are distinctly reflecting on in the context of the episode itself. In “Not In Portland,” for example, we could surmise that Juliet would logically be reflecting on the steps that brought her to the island after Ben gives her the opportunity to return home, and would have likely been thinking about those fateful events throughout this tying process. However, the show rarely makes clear a one-to-one relationship between the transitioning scenes in and out of the flashbacks and the flashbacks themselves, meaning the flashbacks function less as explicit recollections and more as a selective sequence of events that have value to character in the way they are valued—either directly or indirectly—by characters.