Rebecca Mader About Elizabeth

A fan, Xavianne Gomez, asked Rebecca (during Dutch Comic Con 2018) how it was working with Liz and this is what she answered:


They didn’t get the chance to work together on OUAT, but Rebecca always has the nicest words for her.

And they are so true… Elizabeth is very and pleasantly motherly, the kindest person you can possibly have in your life and impossible to forget how beautifully she took care of you even if it’s been so long since you spent time with her. And she is so full of energy and the sweetest woman ever!

We also loved Bex said their relationship is similar to the one with Lana (Parrilla) since those two always seem so close. It’s lovely to see she kept such a great memory of the time with Liz. Well… honestly how can you not?! 😀 <3

Thanks so much Xavianne for sending this.