Loving – Episode 28 – Clips With Liz

We uploaded the 2 clips from the episode 28 of Loving. It shouldn’t have been very easy to film something like that at that age, especially since Loving was basically her first role in front of a camera.

This is a small Soap Opera Magazine interview with Liz about the scene. 🙂

som 2795.jpgThe Straitlaced Stripper – February 7, 1995

The tantalizing scene when Dinah Lee provided Trucker with a private striptease had Elizabeth Mitchell blushing between takes, even though she’d practiced her routine beforehand with a choreographer. “I toned it down in a major way, plus I got to pick out the underwear,” reveals Elizabeth, who sported heels, stockings, black lace and garter belts. Reassured that the lingerie offered more coverage than a bathing suit, she still ran for cover from the cast and crew whenever the cameras weren’t rolling. “There was a post that I danced around, and between takes, I hid behind it. Brendan (the show’s stage manager) said to me, “Thousands of people are going to be watching you do this. Maybe shyness is not a good thing right now,'” laughs Elizabeth. “I did the whole thing with a good sense of humor.”

She is adorable! <3