Blindspot 4×19 | Our Thoughts

We watched the episode obviously… twice. 😛 because… well, you know, we’ve missed seeing Liz’s beautiful face on tv so much!

This appearance was surprising on so many levels.

She played a bad guy… WOW… didn’t expect that for sure.

The most incredible part is not even the fact that Scarlett was so bad to work with the Russians and killed two people… but how she used her son, how she used his disease (which is even more despicable) to steal the launch codes, puts her in a very dark horrific area.

The way Elizabeth played the character is so in contrast with her actions. Scarlett really loves Thomas, she’s terrified by the possibility of not seeing him again and you do believe in that love in every scene because Liz made it so real.

How could a mother with that deep love do something like that?

People make mistakes, take wrong decisions… yeah, it happens…

We were not really familiar with the show (one of us watched a few episodes of the first season when it aired) but the end of Scarlett’s story was used to have another point of view on the bad choices made by Kurt’s mother (male protagonist).

We really enjoyed Liz’s performance, especially in the last scene when she asks her son to forgive her. That was very touching. And the conversation with Kurt, that was beautiful.