25 Beloved TV Doctors from the Last 15 Years

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25 Beloved TV Doctors from the Last 15 Years

It can’t be denied, people love a good medical drama. However, doctors pop up on all types of television shows. It’s easy to say that no matter the type of show, doctors whether their roles are big or small, traditional or unique are beloved.

In recent years television has seen an upsurge in doctor roles on shows. We love to see someone save the day, an everyman’s superhero if you will.

Below, in no particular order, are some of the most beloved doctors to have graced our television screens in the last 15 years. There may be some spoilers so tread carefully.

Dr. Juliet Burke (LOST)

The island really has multiple medical doctors inhabiting it, but the strongest of which is Dr. Juliet Burke. That’s not to say Dr. Jack Shepard isn’t a great doctor, but we prefer Dr. Burke over him.

Dr. Burke, unlike Dr. Shepard, didn’t crash onto the island, instead, she voluntarily arrived to help solve the pregnancy mystery.  This causes Dr. Shepard’s team of survivors to trust her very little, but her resolve and survival skills soon endear her to them. 

She becomes so ingratiated with the team that when she is faced with a life and death choice she makes the decision to ultimately sacrifice herself. Her legacy of open-mindedness, compassion, and strength of character continues to linger in the minds of many fans. 

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