Hi everyone,

thank you to those who were concerned about the two people behind the site… we are fine. 🙂

Today the EMfc is 11 years old. A lot of things happened both in our real life and in the life of the site, but for sure Elizabeth’s been such a precious constant and a spiritual rock to both of us.

The most important thing for our hearts is how the site makes Liz feel and what it means for her and in order to keep it the happy and safe place she loves, with her blessing we took some decisions.

The big change is that we won’t update any social network.

There’s too much negativity and hate which we don’t need to cross our path with. We did appreciate any kindness we have received there, but it’s time for us to leave.
You will always be able to find the latest news here on the site, so we’ll keep you all up to date.

We put time, effort and most of all our LOVE into this place and we are sure those of you who have always respected that and us will keep doing it.

Elizabeth, thank you so much for being there for us! <3