Happy Lost Anniversary

Fifteen years ago Lost premiered and changed the lives of so many people.

If we look back we remember very fondly the excitement of not only watching the episodes, but of being part of something great… something bigger, because theories, speculations, spoilers were really a huge part of this show. Even the fear of losing Juliet – we had every single year – was huge (and painful) component of the viewing .

Juliet, our sweet, always tortured, amazing Juliet! She will be forever our favorite character for so many reasons, tremendously inspiring on different levels, but most of all for her strength.

She had a tormented life, before the island and on the island, but she has never acted like a victim, she has always fought back and till the very end she has never given up.

Juliet was one powerful character and Elizabeth’s performance was a masterpiece and we will keep them safely in our hearts forever.

PS: We’ve just watched this beautiful music video on youtube. <3