The Christmas Club | Plot & Photo

EW released a new photo from the movie and a more detailed plot. 😀 Sweet!

The Christmas Club (Nov. 26 at 8 p.m., Hallmark Channel)
STARS: Elizabeth Mitchell, Cameron Mathison
CONTAINS: Missing money, secret loans, strange(r) romance, dance studio
OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: “When dance teacher Olivia and business consultant Edward meet, they replace Gertrude’s lost Christmas Club savings with their own money, and soon begin noticing several pay-it-forward acts. But their magical day ends when Olivia learns Edward’s client is buying the dance studio.  Luckily Edward finds a storefront perfect for Olivia to start her own studio, and secretly helps her get a loan. Thinking she got it herself, Olivia sees Edward hugging the loan officer, and declares he must believe in her for their relationship to work. It might take some Christmas magic and fate to bring these two back together.”